Women and Protein: Do You Really Need It? Let’s Find Out More!

Women and Protein: Do You Really Need It? Let’s Find Out More!

“Women and Protein” are such a dreaded combination nowadays that’s giving nightmares to all the women out there. If ever the word protein is talked about, those huge beefed up bodybuilders suddenly start popping in front of our eyes.  Protein supplements’ benefits are manifold and most men and women are unaware or misinformed about them.

 If we talk about women, protein is such an important macro nutrient providing benefits like the growth of lean muscle tissue mass, muscle building, and muscle repair. These benefits are equally important for men and women.

When doing weight training, a lot of muscle wear and tear happens. This wear and tear happens in both men and women. Taking whey protein immediately after the workout helps in repairing the damaged muscles and provides the much-needed protein to all the body parts.

While all this is an everyday thing in a lifter’s life, women today think that whey protein will make them fat and huge. They relate whey protein to professional body builders who have been working out for years, lifting big weights, having all the body building supplements, and not to forget, the male growth hormone TESTOSTERONE.

Not going much into science, this hormone is responsible for muscle building and growth in men. Practically it is not possible for women to get big and have those huge muscles because women produce a very small quantity of testosterone. Those huge jacked up women on the internet take external growth hormones to get that body which is otherwise not possible naturally. It takes a lot of time for women to consistently strength train and gains some lean muscle mass.

Healthy muscle mass gain, more fat burned and better metabolism are some of the great benefits that you gain when you take the appropriate amount of protein along with strength training. The real benefits of strength training can only be attained when backed up with the adequate nutrition.

Women should definitely have whey protein because it will not make them bulky but it will give them toned body and great metabolism. Protein is the element that binds weight training and its marvelous results.

While our body needs carbs and fats as a source of energy, protein is important for tissue growth and repair. Lack of protein can become a major hindrance in your body’s ability to recover and grow if you are into lifting some serious weights and doing major compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, presses etc.

Do not fear protein as it will make you stronger and give you lean muscle gains, boost your immune system and will act as a guard against your hard earned muscles.

Most importantly, protein keeps you satiated for a long time as it digests slowly and helps in maintaining your daily caloric intake.

Protein supplement benefits are endless and so are the myths about protein which needs to be eradicated from every woman’s mind. Sometimes, not everything you see is true but it just needs a little more research, broad mind, experiments, hard work, and commitment.