Weight Loss and Diet Foods – Do Diets Actually Work?

Weight Loss and Diet Foods – Do Diets Actually Work?

Let’s get one thing clear first up- there is no diet or specific food that acts as a magic pill for fat or weight loss. Weight loss actually comprises of simple maths i.e. eating lesser calories than you burn. Having said that, please don’t take it to mean that if you start starving yourself, you’ll ultimately end up skinny. Just like all mathematical equations, this one with diet and weight loss is also complex.

There are certain foods that do help you shed weight because they are dense in fibre and energy and not calorie thereby keeping you satiated for a longer period and help curb your cravings. There are other foods that may help kick start a slow metabolism.

The basic theory involved here is that the ‘one size fits all’ mantra does not work in fitness and weight loss diets. Different foods have a different metabolic pathway in our body and all people digest food differently depending on various personal health factors such as metabolism, amount of physical activity in a day, genetic makeup etc. So, while some diets may work wonders for an individual, they may have little or no effect on the other person.

Another thing to remember is that weight loss, over time, is never linear. Maybe you shed weight really quickly at the beginning of your diet and exercise program but then the weight loss slows down or becomes dormant. That happens because when you are dropping pounds; you also lose on muscle and tissue along with fat, which in turn affects your metabolism and adversely affects the weight loss process.

Shedding weight and keeping it off is majorly a lifestyle change so it needs to be practical and one that you look forward to following. But even that will require patience and commitment on your end to actually work.

Here are lists of some foods that may assist you in your weight loss journey:

  1. Avocados: These are super foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, potassium and phytochemicals. As per some studies, people who eat avocados tend to stay slimmer especially around the waist, have a higher and improved BMI rather than people who don’t consume it. They do have a higher calorific value but the high fibre helps curb off untimely cravings.
  2. Eggs: Eggs are practically the cheapest protein available to mankind with their high content of essential fats, nutrients and Vitamin D. Eating eggs for breakfast leaves you with plenty of energy as they regulate hunger and appetite acting as a powerhouse of weight loss.
  3. Beans: These are also rich in fiber making you feel satiated for longer periods of time. The other health benefits of eating beans is that they help control and lower blood pressure, cholesterol thereby reducing risk of heart diseases. They are also high in protein that provides energy while being low on calories.
  4. Yoghurt: This probiotic is excellent for the gut by keeping its bacteria happy which promotes weight loss. Try to eat unflavoured yoghurt that does not contain any added sugar.
  5. Salmon: This is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids while being absolutely delicious and heart- healthy as well.
  6. Fruits: Some people don’t add fruits to their diet on account of them containing natural sugar. But eating fruits in the morning will give you that clean, fresh burst of energy to begin your day on a good note. They are also rich in antioxidants.
  7. Popcorn: As long as the popcorn does not contain the movie-theatre butter and grease, they are actually a very healthy snack. They are mostly filled with air and contain a decent amount of protein and fiber as well. So you gain the energy without the calories.
  8. Almonds: An excellent source of Vitamin E, fiber and protein, almonds also serve as a delicious and healthy snack.