Dietary Supplements: How Important are they?

Dietary Supplements: How Important are they?

The continuously growing awareness among aspiring and professional athletes or even recreational fitness enthusiasts to include healthy nutrients in their diet to keep themselves healthy and fit is encouraging to turn to dietary supplements. Although we recognize the need for dietary supplements in our lives, yet it is confusing to believe, if all of us need these supplements and when it is possible to fulfill nutrient deficiencies in our body, with a healthy diet.  

Dietary supplements usually work to fulfill the gaps that may arise during pregnancy in women, old age, while training for general fitness, or to recover from some serious health problems, or illness.

Besides this, there are certain factors that are contributing towards the increased usage of dietary supplements. These may include; the use chemicals for agricultural productions, inability to utilize nutrients during ageing, food products losing the beneficial nutrient value, while they are shipped, stored and by the time it reaches us for use, and the need for extra nutrients while is sweating a lot during exercise.

Every individual’s dietary requirements vary and depends mainly on his/her indulgence in activities like; sports, athletics or any other vigorous activity. To recognize the importance of individual nutrition requirements there is a need to monitor the day-to-day activities of a specific person.

Dietary Supplements mainly constitutes of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes, and so on and are available in the form of capsules, tablets, powdered products, energy drinks etc. Dietary Supplements are specifically recommended to people who are into regular and rigorous workouts like; body builders, Bollywood stars, and models and so on. By consuming Dietary Supplements, they are able to build muscles, and enhance their training performance.


Here are some possible reasons why dietary supplements are essential during and after workout:


  1. Pre and post workout protein intake, improves recovery: Taking protein supplement before workout can help in improving resistance training. It improves muscle recovery and stimulation. As we are all aware of that fact that while doing heavy workout in the gym, muscle tissues may get damaged so supplementing with  protein can do wonders during and after intense workouts to aid recovery.


  1. Get energy boost during workout: While exercising or working out in the gym there is a need for extra boost in energy levels to lift heavy weights. To get full punch of energy boost, caffeine plays an important role. Also it may help in feeling energized and can encourage in pumping heavy weights.


  1. Improves concentration during workout: Consuming essential dietary supplements during pre or post workout may improve concentration levels and this will assist in overall better workouts.


However, before starting the use of dietary supplements, it is very important to understand your body’s requirements and needs. Always consult a Physician, a Dietician or Gym Instructor before making dietary supplements as a part of your daily routine.